Family Home for Young Women

The family home is for young women who have aged out of an orphanage or who come from a disadvantaged home environment but are not ready to live on their own.  The young women are either going to the university, learning a skill or a trade, or are working or looking for work.  We help the young women learn daily living skills such as budgeting money, making good decisions, how to live and socialize within a family, finding and keeping a job, and many more.  We provide exposure to healthy marital and family relationships. Our goal is to provide the girls with an apartment while they are in school.  Once they are in the work force, we work with them to learn to live on their own and not to rely on us for financial support.  We will always try to be there for spiritual, social, and emotional guidance even after they leave the ministry.

We provide this to as many young women that we have the funds to support.  If you are interested in supporting a young woman, a commitment of at least two years is strongly suggested in order that there is no disruption of support for a young woman once she is in the program.  If you are interested, please contact us.