Rock of Hope Ministries of Romania (ROHM) has two primary ministries. 


  • Family home - providing young women who come out of the orphanage system, human trafficking or from disadvantaged families with a safe environment
  • Widow's Mite - a program that provides food and wood for heating to widows.

Family Home

We provide a holistic approach with each young woman that addresses their emotional, physical and spiritual healing.  The family home is for young women who are 18 or older, most likely from an orphanage, human trafficking or a disadvantaged background.  It is a place where they can learn the critical skills of daily living that are not routinely taught in Romanian orphanages.  It is common for young women who come from an institutional setting to have a limited ability to cook, clean, budget money or interact appropriately with the opposite sex, have the tools to make wise decisions, to have any job skills.  Without such skills the prospects for these young women are desperately bleak with prostitution and drug abuse being the primary options.  These rehabilitation goals are lofty and this process takes anywhere from 2-4 years per young woman.