the issue

Children raised in an orphanage in Romania are normally released once they reach the age of 18. In Romania children start school at the age of 7 so they are not finished until the age of 19. That means that girls raised in the orphanage have not finished high school when they are put on the street to fend for themselves. Well-paying jobs are not easy to find and without at least a high school diploma a girl will most likely end up working at a factory. Because wages are low they have very little possibility of ever being able to live on their own.

The biggest issue with girls raised in an orphanage setting is that they are looking for a safe and secure environment. They have experienced abandonment and rejection their entire lives. That makes them very vulnerable to anyone who offers them any form of safety or security. “Loverboy” comes along and says that he loves a young woman so she moves in to live with him. Not long afterward he tells her he needs money so could she have sex with a few of his friends to help him out. She is then caught in a vicious web, one that is difficult to be extracted from.